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Contract Negotiation, Drafting and Litigation

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Most business transactions today are completed through the use of contracts. A contract is a binding agreement between two parties that sets forth terms for the transaction. Properly drafting and negotiating contracts will allow you to clearly define and understand your rights and obligations.

Dedicated to providing advice and assistance with contracts

We provide many contract-based services for our clients, including contract negotiation, drafting and review. We work with you from the very beginning of the contract drafting or negotiation process to make sure that the words in your contract clearly reflect the terms, agreements and understandings that have been reached verbally. When a dispute or breach arises, a well-written contract can reduce the need for litigation by clearly detailing the proper procedures in foreseeable situations. In addition to helping you draft a sound contract, we help your business negotiate, revise, update or modify existing contracts to reflect changing circumstances. We can also work directly with your business to help you avoid breaching a contract and to enforce another party’s compliance with a contract when they are in danger of breach. We are committed to helping our clients’ businesses thrive, and dedicate our time and efforts to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Breach of contract

If one party to a contract does not live up to their side of the bargain a breach of contract occurs and the damaged party can sue for any damages that result from the breach. These damages can include, by example, profits lost on sales that fell through and compensation for time wasted in waiting for deliveries that did not arrive as promised. We have experience representing companies and individuals on both sides of contract disputes. Whether your party is the one who breached the agreement or the one seeking to enforce the agreement, we can help.

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